Stop undermining the fight against gun control by blaming video games

4) Also, how about all the law-abiding gamers and movie-goers? We wonder if anyone linking violent movies and Video Games with violent acts ever stopped to wonder just how many gamers are out there. In 2012, there were an estimated 211.5 million gamers in the United States — as much as three times the estimated 70-80 million lawful American gun owners. That’s a lot of people. We dare say that if either gun ownership or gaming leads to killing children, America is in a heap of trouble. And if seeing violent movies leads to violence, we’ll probably be dead before this goes to print.

Besides, in the age of the Internet, guess who would keep on playing violent video games and watching violent movies regardless of any ban? Our guess: The hardcore gamers the pundits are so afraid of.

5) Finally, creating new laws because old ones were broken or ignored is insane. We guess the thinking goes like this: We could have stopped Adam Lanza from committing the Newtown massacre if we could have added “possession of violent video games” to murder, assault with a deadly weapon, committing a felony with a firearm, possession of a stolen gun, bringing a gun into a gun-free zone, criminal trespass, car theft and the host of other crimes he committed. What people should really be asking themselves is, “what law is constitutional and would have prevented this attack?”

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