Dick Morris exits Fox News: Even he might have predicted this correctly

I would be more forgiving of Morris if he had just said he was wrong, provided a real reason for his forecasts, and promised to be better in the future. After all, none of us is perfect or even close to it (see my mea culpa for slips in 2012). Instead, Morris blamed the usual “Hurricane Sandy allowed Obama to win” hypothesis, and then said he knew he had been wrong, yet he’d wanted to raise the spirit of Republicans. This sort of action from a person who is supposed to inform the public simply isn’t acceptable.

Analysts and pundits must be held accountable for their misses. They should not just be able to appear on television or in print the next day and say “oops!”, without consequences. Which is why I was glad that Fox News actually acted on Morris’ embarrassingly poor performance. It suggests that Fox executives do actually care, at least at some level, about the accuracy of the electoral analysis being broadcast.