"Once you've met that child, that's your child"

In Oakland, California, the news from Russia has Lease Wong holding her little girl especially tightly. She and her husband, Marty, arrived home from Russia about a month ago with their newly adopted daughter, Brianna, who is now 23 months old.

“I think she knows she has a family,” said Lease Wong, who owns a toy store. “I have to think of all those other children. They’re losing their opportunity for a family.”

As Wong spoke, the girl chattered away in the background.

Those are sounds that Kim and Robert Summers are desperate to hear. They traveled to Russia in August to meet the boy who they call Preston – he’s known as Stanislav in Russia – then returned to Russia earlier this month to continue the adoption process. They had expected to go back to Russia in January to bring the boy home to New Jersey.

At their home in New Jersey, a stroller for the red-headed 21-month-old sits in the dining room and his crib is already partially assembled.