Infographic: What kind of violence kills Americans?

Here’s what we can glean: The leading means of violence-related deaths are guns. For people ages 5 to 9 and 15 and above, it’s the No. 1 cause. (For children ages 10 to 14, suffocation is No. 1; for children under 4, the top cause is listed as “unspecified.”) Guns are also the second-highest cause of violent death among people ages 10 to 44. How can they be both first and second? Because, as mentioned above, Lindeman drew an important distinction between suicides and homicides. So while gun homicides are the leading cause of violent death for people ages 15 to 24, gun suicides are the second leading cause. For people ages 35 to 44, it’s reversed. And overall, there are far more suicides than homicides. The third leading cause of violent death across most age groups is suffocation (primarily by suicide).

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