The biggest cliff of all

Indeed, a reality has become too obvious for the world’s dazed inhabitants not to notice: The greatest threat to the upward arc of human progress is the collapse of public policy making. That is the biggest cliff of all.

Governments are giving government a bad name…

Government, for the past 80 years or so, has seen its purpose as mainly to “respond” to society’s failures the moment they occur or whenever they are imagined. Adam Lanza killed with guns, so modern policy-making logic posits that government must pass a law. Whether that law will accomplish its goal is . . . irrelevant.

Policy making has become an activity that supports the genetic and financial needs of policy makers and their follower tribes. The community’s role, we’ve lately learned, is to provide revenue. Medicaid, for example, is medical care for the poor. As administered by the policy professionals, it has been allowed to become awful.