The useful myth that Obama now likes Israel

There is another factor here that should be mentioned. Many people overstated Obama’s active antagonism toward Israel, as if he wanted to wipe it out or hurt it in any way possible.

Obama dislikes Israel, disregards its strategic interests, and despises Netanyahu. That doesn’t mean, however, that he’s motivated to do much about it.

If, however, you are interested in the actual situation, I would ask this question: What evidence is there of any change at all of Obama’s policy toward Israel? Beyond wishful thinking, basically two things have happened: • The US government issued routine statements of support for Israel’s battle in Gaza while apparently urging it not go on too long and for it not to include a ground attack. It didn’t go out of its way much on the issue, however, for example not rethinking the president’s love affair with the Turkish Islamist regime despite the fact that its prime minister froths at the mouth with hatred of Israel.

• The US government opposed, as it always has, the UN’s upgrading of the Palestinian Authority’s status. The American government realizes that such behavior is a torpedoing of the Oslo accords and peace process of which is was a guarantor. But at the same time, it certainly didn’t seem to put any real pressure on European allies who supposedly adore Obama and would be willing to listen to him to vote against the proposal, and there are stories (which are not completely confirmed but seem authentic) that the White House urged European countries and Canada to give Israel a hard time over the new construction.

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