Steven Spielberg: Chris Christie is my hero

THR: Where were you both for the election?

Spielberg: I was at home.

Day-Lewis: I was in New York. At the moment, we’re [Day-Lewis and his wife, writer-director Rebecca Miller] based there. I’ve lived in Ireland for 16 years in County Wicklow; I still think of it as home, but I’ve three boys at school here now. We struck a deal about the education of our children, and my wife is a New Yorker, so we agreed to split the time, if it worked out, and it seems to be working out so far.

Spielberg: You asked me for an example. Gov. Chris Christie was a hero for me. He was able to put party politics aside for the greater good. And the fact that he would, right at the end of the election cycle, tell the truth about his gratitude — he was my hero.