“Fox is great, but those viewers already agree with us”

“Fox is great,” Appell said. “But those viewers already agree with us… I think you have to take the attitude with the media that no one is going to just give you anything; you have have to got out there and get it. Whether that’s sitting down with Univision, or BET, or visiting college campuses and doing an interview at each one with student-run media. How else are different demographics going to get to know you if you never reach out to them?”…

Marco Rubio is frequently cited by strategists as a conservative star who seems to inherently understand the need to court new media outlets. During the four-day Republican National Convention, for example, the Florida Senator sat for two interviews with Univision, and one with Black Entertainment Television’s news anchor Ed Gordon. He’s also done two separate interviews with The Daily Show on Comedy Central, and was the first major political figure to make the trek to BuzzFeed’s New York headquarters earlier this year.

“Americans get their news from a wide range of sources these days, so you can’t limit your engagement to a limited number of media,” said Rubio press secretary Alex Conant. “Sen. Rubio is a conservative who happens to speak fluent Spanish, which opens up a lot of Hispanic media opportunities.”

But elsewhere in the party, the progress is slow going.