"If he had been rapping against gay marriages, there would be no forgiveness"

Red Eye panelists took on the controversy surrounding South Korean rapper PSY’s anti-American lyrics and Ann Coulter added a bit of fuel to the fire with her remark that had he “been rapping against gay marriage, there would be no forgiveness.” Although PSY apologized and is still slated to perform at the White House, panelists dissected everything from the history of South Korea to the ‘liberal’ reaction to PSY’s lyrics.

Panelist Gavin McInnes said that it was “ironic” that PSY “was saying screw America, because he was trying to be American.” According to McInnes, Koreans “see protests as emulating America” and “worship us,” so PSY was simply trying to be more American in his rap. Host Gutfeld stirred the pot even further, claiming that “Anti-Americanism is fashion.” Coulter agreed, saying, “It’s never going to be hip to be Christian or to be pro-American.”