Hey, 2005? Your meme is calling

Comments thread. I didn’t read the author’s post, but here’s a penis joke. I didn’t read your comment, but you are obviously an idiot. I will scald you with my blissful elixir of burning sarcasm. I will shrug off your burning sarcasm with a declaration of my frozen indifference. I will make another penis joke. I went to graduate school. I went to graduate school too, and I read more books. You misspelled “Wilfrid Sellars.” Allow me to make this point at length—you misspelled “Wilfrid Sellars.” Nevertheless, the fact remains—you misspelled “Wilfrid Sellars.”

Penis joke. Offhanded dismissal of canonic literary/philosophical/political figure. Recital of grievance from long-past encounter with an academic, family or workplace authority. Vagina joke!

Tedious personal feud. Nitpicking rebuttal. Tortured attempt at piss-elegant smash serve involving “bliss,” “glee,” “elixir” and “relish.” Also, too, “uncork.”

Line of dialogue from The Simpsons during the Clinton era. Another line of dialogue from The Simpsons during the Clinton era. Heated complaint about Family Guy, along with (sorry, “coupled with”) retelling of a joke from Family Guy. Further contemporary cartoon references. “Sometimes I feel so alienated from contemporary American life. It’s like when Mr. Mackey’s head inflates like a balloon on South Park and just floats away.”