The grim side of DeMint's move to Heritage

The bigger problem is the signal this sends about the prospects for the conservative movement for the next four years or so.

Two years into a six year term, DeMint decided there was nothing going on in the Senate worth sticking around for, at least in the near future – another four years of President Obama, another two to four years of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. No conservative reform likely to be enacted, no likely prospect of constructive compromise, nothing likely to get done. That is some depressing stuff there, brother.

We have a movement full of people who love their country and who are terrified of the course that it continues to careen along. We go to them, and we ask them for their votes, for their time, and for their money. And they give all of those. One of the things we have asked them to do is help elect lawmakers like Jim DeMint…

… and then DeMint sees something he wants to do more than serve in the Senate and suddenly he leaves without warning.