DOT Secretary LaHood probably sticking around for awhile

LaHood told incoming House Transportation Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) that the two would be working together in the near term, Shuster told POLITICO. …

“I got a call from Secretary LaHood; it sounds like he may be staying for a while. I’m not sure exactly what his timing is, but I’m sure there will be an announcement,” Shuster said in an interview just off the House floor.

“I said, ‘Are we going to work together?’ And he goes, ‘Yes, for a while.’ He’s talked to the president,” Shuster said. The future chairman hedged a bit, saying that with all the “high-level, high-profile” Cabinet posts that likely need to be filled — like the departments of Defense and State — Obama might plead with LaHood to stay on board. “My guess is — I don’t know this for a fact — but [Obama] said, ‘Hey LaHood, stick around.’”