Red date, blue date: The decline of cross-party dating

Politics has ceased to become set of opinions about how the country should be governed, and started to become who you are. People surround themselves with like-minded friends who don’t disagree with them on anything fundamental–which in turn, makes it easier to feel that no reasonable person could disagree. Which itself, in turn, makes it harder to befriend people from the other side. Keep this up, and we’re headed for a world in which Democrats and Republicans view intermarriage the way the Hasidic do.

… The most self-centered, uncompassionate jerk I ever dated was a Democrat, and the one with the greatest difficulty keeping a job was a Republican. …

It’s hard enough to find someone who is attractive, good to you, and fun to be around. Why on earth would you make it harder by refusing to consider anyone whose opinion on the relative merits of national health care programs differs from yours?

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