Benghazi witnesses: FBI is offering us no protection for our cooperation

Analysts have begun compiling potential targets, said one civilian expert in Mali, but U.S. officials said they don’t yet have adequate intelligence to mount a strike on militants connected to the Benghazi assault or to broader al Qaeda activities.

“It’s not like strikes are in the cards right now,” said a U.S. official…

Some witnesses from Benghazi have traveled at their own expense to meet with FBI investigators and share information with them. Three of these witnesses say the Americans have offered them no protection in exchange for their cooperation, prompting two of them to say they are trying to dissuade other Libyans from talking to the bureau. The FBI team has spent only a handful of hours on the ground in Benghazi, saying the city is too insecure.

U.S. officials in Washington didn’t immediately comment on the complaints.