Paul Ryan: I support term limits

“There was a time in American history when our country term-limited the presidency,” a man in the audience at Carroll University asked Ryan. “Would you and Governor Romney consider a proposal to term-limit the members of Congress? Example, two six-year terms for U.S. senators and six two-year terms for a member of Congress.”

Ryan responded that he’s “always been a fan of term limits.”

“Yeah, I co-sponsored that when I was in Congress,” he said. “I agree with that. I’ve always supported that in Congress. That takes a constitutional amendment. What you don’t want to do is have a state do it to itself and short-change its seniority and its clout in Congress. But I’ve always been a fan of term limits. I’ve always supported that. I’ve always believed that this should be something that you serve temporary, not for an entire lifetime.”

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