Israeli policy shifting back towards Iran sanctions and away from attack?

The growing Israeli focus on a new round of sanctions comes amid reports of the deep impact that current sanctions are having on the Iranian economy. A recent internal report prepared by the Israeli Foreign Ministry stated that the sanctions might, according to some assessments, also be affecting the stability of the Iranian government, which insists that its nuclear program is for purely peaceful purposes.

But because the sanctions have not yet persuaded the government in Tehran to suspend its nuclear drive, the Israeli report concluded, another round of sanctions was needed.

“We are calling for even stiffer sanctions to be imposed against the regime, but in the background there also needs to be a credible military option,” Moshe Yaalon, one of Mr. Netanyahu’s top ministers, told Israel Radio on Tuesday. “That integrated strategy is supposed to bring the Iranian regime to a point of decision.”

Mr. Netanyahu is expected to personally urge leaders in France and Germany to step up the already severe sanctions against Iran, according to one senior Israeli government official.