The 10 House Democrats whom Republicans would most like to beat

Rep. Jim Matheson (Utah)

Matheson, a longtime GOP target, faces a particularly difficult race a district that is likely to vote heavily for the GOP presidential nominee, Mormon Mitt Romney. Coupled with the Romney coattails, Matheson faces a tough challenger in Haitian-American Mormon Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love – who could become the first black GOP woman elected to the House. Wasserman considers the race a “pure toss up,” even though Love “surged after the GOP convention.” However, Love has spent the past week fending off allegations that she is a so-called “anchor baby” — a term for someone whose foreign-born parents gave birth to her in the U.S. to ensure their citizenship. “It’s a unique situation,” Wasserman said. “Republicans have succeeded in driving up Matheson’s negatives somewhat.”