Whew: No, there's no bacon shortage

The only sign of a pork shortage is a press release from Britain’s National Pig Association proclaiming, “A world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable.”

But let’s put on our critical reading glasses. The rest of the notice points to declining sow herds in the EU and asks British supermarkets to pay higher prices to pig farmers. It asks for shoppers to only buy British-made pork to protect British farmers, identifiable by the “Red Tractor” symbol on the package as part of a “Save our Bacon” campaign.

“British supermarkets know they have to raise the price they pay Britain’s pig farmers or risk empty spaces on their shelves next year,” said NPA chairman Richard Longthorp in the press release. “But competition is so fierce in the high street at present, each is waiting for the other to move first.”

Get it? This is an attempt by British pig producers to build grassroots support among British shoppers to apply pressure to supermarkets.