Mr. President: Take down this film!

As it happens, just such a movie exists. “Zero Dark Thirty,” directed by Academy Award winner Kathryn Bigelow, is scheduled to open Dec. 19. It tells the exciting tale of how U.S. special forces arranged the demise of Osama bin Laden, giving Obama, as it now appears certain, the single unquestioned success of his life.

Planned at first as a rose tossed in Obama’s direction, the movie has now become problematic for two reasons. First, if the attacks in Egypt and Libya are (as it seems) an al Qaeda production, then bin Laden’s execution was merely revenge, and not a game changer. Second, the Obama administration has now posited that provocative films are excuses to riot — and what could be more provoking of riots than the Great Satan dancing on Osama’s watery grave?

Perhaps the administration should say it had “nothing to do” with both the film and the mission. Perhaps it should denounce both as “offensive” and “hateful.” Perhaps the government should beef up security at foreign embassies (and local cinemas). Perhaps local police should call on Ms. Bigelow. Perhaps the State Department should write its apologies in advance, now.