George Will: Hillary has no political future

Later in the podcast, Will told Baldwin he predicted the Obama presidency a year and a half in advance based on his sense of Clinton fatigue in the country. And beyond 2012, Will gives Hillary Clinton “zero” chance of having a political future beyond her stint in the Obama administration, based on the deep bench of potential candidates within both parties.


WILL: I think I told George Stephanopoulos in March 2007 – March 2007 – I said, Barack Obama will be nominated and elected. I just could not see the country saying, “We’re nostalgic for the Clinton years,” which they weren’t.
BALDWIN: Right, they weren’t. What do you think her political future is?
WILL: Zero.
BALDWIN: Zero? She’s not going to run?
WILL: There’s a whole generation of coming candidates.
BALDWIN: Andrew [Cuomo].
WILL: Andrew Cuomo in New York, Gov. Martin O’Malley in Maryland, countless people, Paul Ryan, all kinds of good people out there, governors, the rest.

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