Just a reminder: Peggy Noonan endorsed Obama in 2008

Among other things, she has called the Romney forces “incompetent” and then claimed the campaign was a “calamity.” Her remarks have been cited all over the media a “proof” that their criticism of Romney is based in reality and not just bias. (To be clear, I have predicted Romney will lose, but not because of anything he or his campaign has done wrong, but because of the unfair media coverage of him, which Noonan is all to happy to facilitate.)
These statements of course are critical to the media because without someone from the “other side” to substantiate their outrage over whatever they are claiming was the Romney mistake of the moment, their efforts just don’t work. They need to be able to say: “even prominent Republicans are upset with what Romney is doing.” Noonan, who clearly loves the attention and ability for her to retain her membership in the tight Washington media “club,” is all too happy to oblige.

There are two things which make this occurrence all the more infuriating.