Romney, the tax raiser?

Could there be another explanation — other than the old moocher-class trope — for why so many don’t pay income taxes? There are actually a slew of them. According to a Tax Policy Center analysis and any other honest assessment of our tax system, the bulk of people not paying taxes are low income families and the elderly

If Romney wants take away tax credits from these people then he should say so. He’s a big man behind closed doors when talking to his friends, but will he put forth a tax plan that repeals the Earned Income Tax Credit, for example, which is a primary reason many working Americans don’t pay income taxes? Will he address the fact that Gerald Ford was the president who presided over the introduction of the EITC and Ronald Reagan was the president who first expanded it? …

Watching this video, it is crystal clear that Romney has contempt for the 47 % of people not paying federal income tax, even though the reason many of them aren’t is because of a tax system that the GOP helped create. I asked the Romney campaign if he would get rid of the EITC — his plan says only that he would not expand it — and could not got a direct answer, though was told, “Governor Romney has pledged to focus the bulk of tax code adjustments on upper-income households.”