“Why are we standing down here? Let’s go upstairs and get him”

The crowd accused Saber of posting a Facebook link to the controversial video, along with other offenses against Islam. Ghaly called the police. When they arrived, however, they arrested Saber. A dramatic YouTube video of the scene outside shows the crowd erupting as Saber is hustled to a waiting van, cursing and grabbing at him as an officer tries to keep them at bay.

When Saber arrived at the police station, he was charged under an infrequently used law that prohibits insulting religion, according to his lawyer, Ahmed Ezzat, who spent Friday with Saber at the local police station. The allegations, Ezzat says, include sharing the Facebook link and, months earlier, posting a self-made video commentary titled “Who is the spokesman for Allah?”…

One recent post on Saber’s Facebook page shows him standing in Tahrir Square with a sign that reads, “We are the revolution, without the Muslim Brotherhood.” Another shows a photo of graffiti that asks the question: “What have you seen from Allah that makes you hate his Shariah?”

“I’ve seen you, and I’ve seen your actions,” Saber wrote in reply.