The problem with Mitt

Mitt Romney is in trouble. Not because of a boring convention or a bloodless speech or a grossly inappropriate press conference, but rather because the man refuses to stick his neck out and take a stand on the critical issues of our time.

Here are just a few:

THE NATIONAL DEBT: The United States of America is racing towards an eventual default. And yet Mitt Romney refuses to lay out a plan to balance the budget before 2040. He doesn’t specify cuts, he doesn’t propose eliminating agencies and he doesn’t explain how his tax cuts will be offset. When it comes to balancing the budget, Mr. Romney has no plan.

MEDICARE: It’s going bankrupt. But all we get from the Romney campaign is an embarrassing 30-second ad that borrows more from Bill Clinton’s shameful “Mediscare” strategy than from Ronald Reagan’s Morning in America campaign. Medicare benefits have to be cut over the next generation. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

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