Photo of the day: "The hug 2.0"

“My father used to always tell me, ‘Charlie, it takes a cool heads to win a hot game. As u know we’re in a hot game in this country, no question about. But we have a leader with a cool head, and his name is Preisdent Barack Obama,” Crist said. “He is working hard for the middle class, he is working hard for Florida, he’s working hard for America. And I can tell you when I served as when I served a Republican governor – you know, I’m not in that party any more, they left me – even though I was still a Republican, when we had an oil spill, we needed help for our teachers, our police and our firefighters, President Barack Obama was there for us.And now it’stime for us to be there for him again. My friends we are blessed to have this president who has such courage, such strength, and such grace. He’s under fire all the time, and he always has a smile. He has a wonderful heart, a beautiful wife…It is my honor to introduce to you a man and a leader we need, a leader fla needs, a leader America needs.”

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