Say, is the media going soft on the Democrats?

A case can certainly be made that the Bill and Michelle speeches achieved an emotional intensity that no speaker at the Republican convention was able to match. Mitt’s and Ann Romney’s addresses drew favorable reviews, but his especially did not feel like a breakthrough moment. The only star attraction that really got the media buzzing, and not in a good way, was Clint Eastwood. …

Still, there seems to be less enthusiasm for fact-checking the ways that Clinton spun things in heaping blame on the Republicans while portraying his successor as a model bipartisan statesman. Maybe some of his flights of rhetoric sounded more reasonable to reporters’ ears than those of Paul Ryan (who did stretch the truth in more blatant ways and was called on it).

It seems to me the Democrats have just put on a better show and there’s nothing wrong with reporting it that way. But with Obama speaking Thursday night, the press needs to be careful not to venture into thrill-up-the-leg territory.

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