What's with all the fainting at Obama and Romney rallies?

At a Romney-Ryan event on Friday morning in Lakeland, Florida at least three people were escorted out, one by fireman’s carry, one by wheel chair, and another stumbling with the help of a police officer. Later that day at a Ryan event in Richmond, Virginia, more than a dozen people needed assistance. Hundreds more huddled taking shade in an aircraft hangar.

Together, the two campaigns are responsible for sending more than one hundred people to the hospital, according to a conservative count of events witnessed by this reporter. Hundreds more have needed to be escorted out to rest in the shade and rehydrate.

Six fell before a Romney-Ryan rally in Manassas, Virginia, on Aug. 11, three more hit the ground in High Point, North Carolina. Twenty Obama supporters sought medical treatment in Roanoke, Virginia on July 13. And even in March, before the summer heat, there were three separate fainting spells at Obama rallies.

Last month President Barack Obama raised eyebrows when he made light of someone fainting at his event in Akron, Ohio, joking “This happens to me all the time.”