The Democrats' convention trap

• Finding the real front line. With the 15 minutes of fame gained by Todd Akin on the right and Sandra Fluke on the left, Democrats thought the battle lines were drawn. A “war on women” was being waged by Republicans, they charged. Funny thing is, the GOP tunneled right under that front line. The GOP convention celebrated the success of women, from Ann Romney, Condi Rice, Susana Martinez, Sher Valenzuela, and Mia Love to Paul Ryan’s 78-year-old mother, Betty. And the economy, not social issues, was the primary focus…

• “Sí, se puede.” But has it been done? Can Democrats successfully position Julian Castro against Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz? Democrats currently have a real advantage with Hispanics. Can they keep the margin wide enough to push Dems over the top?

• Ignoring the uninvited elephant in the room. The national debt will likely cross the $16 trillion threshold during the Democrats’ convention, an uninvited guest which will likely be ignored.