Clint Eastwood and the divide between Americans and the ruling class

OK, so I’m not going to say that this wasn’t a weird speech. It was delightfully weird. But it was also effective among non-D.C. types. He mocked Obama and accused him of things — hypocrisy, incompetence, mismanagement of wars and terrorism. He also went after the entire political charade — right there in the middle of the GOP convention! The way politicians just say things to get elected. He told us all – whether we’re Democrats or Republicans or libertarians, that we all can come together to get rid of Team Obama.

Now, the political elites freaked out. Absolutely freaked out. The more partisans tried to claim that Clint Eastwood was a vile racist who was evoking Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. All the media shows kept going on and one about how they didn’t get it or thought it was awful.

This morning on the local radio, the journalists kept talking about how awful the Clint Eastwood thing was, but what was hilarious was when they talked to normal people — the folks who called in or whom they were otherwise interviewing — the people all responded that they thought Eastwood was awesome. One even said he thought Eastwood had made a convincing argument (imagine the pain speechwriters experience when hearing a man on the street say stuff like that). Some were actually confused by the media question built on the premise that Eastwood had done something wrong.