Artur Davis rips: I know my speech succeeded because MSNBC wouldn't air it

As for the network neglecting to air his speech at the Republican National Convention, he said it was gesture by the network indicating his speech went well.

“That’s par for the course, and I remember going into it and someone said to me that the test for if your speech is successful will be if MSNBC shows any of it,” he said. “If it’s a bomb, they’ll cut to it so people can see that it’s a bomb. If it’s successful, they won’t cover a second of it. So the fact that they didn’t cover any of it I actually think is a positive thing.”…

“I have zero interest in going on Roland Martin’s show because there aren’t too many people who are potential voters who watch Roland Martin’s show for a Mitt Romney candidate,” Davis said. “I know that Roland Martin and some others may think I have some obligations to defend myself to a particular community. That’s their way of looking at the world and not mine. I don’t go on programs out of the theory that I’m there to defend myself to a particular community or justify myself. I’m not a candidate for office. I’m not involved in a debate about whether I should be elected to anything. So I have no obligation to go before any community to quote, unquote ‘defend myself.’”