Tracking poll: Romney pulls even with Obama at 43

In a four-day rolling poll, Romney and Obama were deadlocked among likely voters at 43 percent each. That was an improvement for Romney from Obama’s two-point lead on Tuesday and four-point lead on Monday.

“There is movement toward Romney, which is traditional for a convention,” Ipsos pollster Julia Clark said. “It’s small and the change is incremental, but it’s been moving the last couple of days.”…

Voters find Obama more likable than Romney by a sizeable margin – 50 percent to 29 percent. Obama was also seen as more eloquent and more of “a good person.” On who was tough enough for the job, the two candidates tied, at 37 percent each.

Roughly equal numbers of registered voters view the two candidates favorably, with Obama getting a favorable rating from 51 percent and Romney viewed favorably by 50 percent.