How Romney decided to start talking about his faith again

But with the nomination now in hand the campaign, and the family, have decided that it’s time to present Romney’s faith to the world again.

“It’s something that the governor himself insisted on talking about,” Fehrnstrom told reporters this week at a breakfast hosted by Bloomberg news. “He will make reference to it in his speech and he will hear from other speakers at the conventions about the counseling and pastoral work that Mitt Romney did.”

Indeed, one person close to Romney said he recognizes that his nomination marks an historic moment for his church, and he wants the convention to reflect the faith that has shaped him throughout his life. And now that they’ve gotten through the Republican primary, the campaign sees value in the humanizing anecdotes Romney amassed as a lay minister in his church. The adviser chocked it up to increased confidence β€” both in their own ability to manage their Mormon messaging, and in the electorate’s ability to get past religious hangups.

Recalling the dog days of the 2008 Iowa primary, the adviser marveled, “To go from there to this β€” I’m not putting this in a religious context necessarily, but in a political context, it’s a bit of a miracle.”