Trump: Romney should talk more about his faith

David Brody: “Look, the mainstream media is going to run a lot of articles about Romney and his Mormon faith, and look, there’s a huge humanitarian aspect to his faith, and I’m wondering if he shouldn’t be talking about his faith more?”

Donald Trump: “I really think he should. I think what he’s done is amazing, and I think the fact that he gives so much money back to his church is an amazing thing, they don’t want to add that back to his taxes because frankly, people do that and they like to talk about it. He is a wonderful man, he is a wonderful person, and he doesn’t like to talk be braggadocios, but I would say certainly, certainly he gives a tremendous amount, millions and millions back to his church, and I would say that I think he should talk about it, but that’s up to him. He probably feels uncomfortable doing that. Part of that is from being such a good man, he feels uncomfortable talking about it, and there’s something very nice about that.”