Romney rule changes could spark GOP convention floor fight

“The bottom line is that the change adopted today essentially allows the Presidential campaigns to pick there own delegates, which makes it a complete insider’s ballgame and allows a bunch of Washington D.C. consultants to decide who does and doesn’t get to be a delegate,” said South Carolina delegate Drew McKissick.

McKissick is leading an effort to bring a “minority report” to the convention floor on Monday — essentially offering an amendment stripping the Ginsberg-backed changes from the Party rules and giving candidates no rights with respect to their delegates. The provision would also reinstate language requiring that all primaries and caucuses held before April 1 bind delegates proportionally, rather than winner-take-all — a measure to elongate the primary process.

McKissick told BuzzFeed late Friday that he has the votes to bring the minority report to the floor, setting the stage for debate and a vote on the rules changes on Monday.

The incident highlights the at-times tenuous grip Romney has on the grassroots and political organizations of his party.