If Romney's a "wimp," so is Obama

My fellow columnist Michael Tomasky recently wrote that Mitt Romney is “a spineless, disingenuous, supercilious, race-mongering pyromaniac who is poorly intentioned.” Incendiary stuff which you would think, given the heat of the charge, was motivated by some credible evidence. Yet, Tomasky’s fuel for the ugly flame was that Romney said the word “Obamacare” at his NAACP speech—a term embraced by Obama and his supporters, and with which the president’s campaign raises money.

Hardly chastised, perhaps emboldened in the search for controversy and outrage simply as a means to drive traffic, Tomasky in a column this week brands Romney a “wimp.” And in the article, he says Romney is “kind of lame, and he’s really … annoying.” (Why the ellipsis? Is that a pause as if to say, “I have to think about this. Then, aha! Yes, annoying?”) Tomasky continues, accusing Romney of having “all the sincerity of a hostage,” being more “weenie than wimp,” displaying “political cowardice,” being “nasty and whiny,” being “weenie-ish” even, and, worse, “a weenie Republican.”…

As proof-points for Romney’s “wimpiness,” Tomasky cites gaffes, whining, and flip-flopping. One could argue that President Obama would also qualify as a wimp as measured by these criteria, and, yet, we hear no such invective hurled toward the incumbent.