What's Mike Bloomberg's problem with bottle-feeding babies?

Sorry: Lots of new moms are surprised at just how hard it is to get your bundle of joy to actually connect to a real nipple. (Somehow, it’s something all those experienced older female relatives fail to mention when they’re urging you to expand the family.)

Making formula more difficult to get in the hospital will only lead to frustrated staff and distraught mothers of hungry babies.

And Bloomberg’s anti-formula crusade comes when the trend is already toward breastfeeding. A mere 50 years ago, 75 percent of American infants were using formula; breastfeeding was the odd way to feed a child.

Nor is baby formula the enemy — far from it. In “Infant Formula: Second Best but Good Enough,” a 2007 paper for the federal Food and Drug Administration, Isadora Stehlin extols the virtues of breastfeeding but notes, “A century ago, babies who couldn’t be breast-fed usually didn’t survive.”