This Romney character should have stayed home

Romney has another problem with Jewish voters. Some are not overjoyed at the Mormon practice of baptizing people, including Jews, into the Mormon religion after they are dead.

As The New York Times reported March 2: “Although the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [i.e., the Mormon church] promised in 1995 to stop including Holocaust victims in its ritual, the church admitted last week that Anne Frank had been ‘baptized’ in a Mormon church in the Dominican Republic. On Wednesday, The Boston Globe reported that Daniel Pearl, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal who was kidnapped and killed by terrorists in Pakistan in early 2002, was baptized last June in Twin Falls, Idaho; Mr. Pearl was Jewish.”

When, five years ago, Newsweek asked Romney if he personally had performed such baptisms on the dead, Romney replied, “I have in my life, but I haven’t recently.”

A Huffington Post article noted: “In 2007, when Romney made his first run for the Republican nomination, NECN (New England Cable News) in Hartford, Conn., asked him about baptizing the dead. He said he is ‘not a cafeteria Mormon’ and adheres to all tenets of his faith.”

This does not mean Romney would make a bad president. And I believe he should be able to practice his religion freely. But courting the Jewish vote may be a waste of his time.