Free the dead Twitter @Instapundit account

So I’m writing this blog post, which I will tweet about, and hopefully I can communicate with Twitter, Inc., in the format which they created. Hopefully Twitter will take this attempt to talk to a human being about a real legal issue in the spirit in which it’s intended, which is simply: I’ve run out of more traditional ways to get your attention and I don’t want to ask a judge to order you to just send me an email from a human being.

And for what it’s worth, Twitter’s legal department, in fact the very same individual to whom I wrote more than 2 weeks ago, is apparently all in favor of attorneys using non-traditional approaches. Although I’m not sure he actually thought someone outside of his organization would do so.

Please re-tweet #RespondTwitter and link to this blog post. Please do NOT Direct Tweet to Twitter or Twitter support. I will contact @support and ask them to track this hashtag and to read this blogpost. I don’t want to abuse the system by having everyone direct messaging them. I just want a human to talk to me. If this doesn’t work, I may be back to ask for more help. For now please just re-tweet with the hashtag. I’ll let y’all know if it works.