Are Democrats using coded language to draw attention to Romney's faith?

The Obama campaign, meanwhile, has sought to popularize the Twitter hashtag #WhatsMittHiding. Intended to highlight Romney’s unwillingness to release more than two years of personal tax returns, some say Obama is pushing this attack because Romney’s filings will reveal the depth of his commitment to Mormonism.

In a John Heilemann piece in New York Magazine, “The Hidden Mitt: Why does Mitt Romney have such a hard time talking about what matters most to him?” the author speculated that Romney’s unwillingness to release more tax returns could stem from his reluctance to publicize “the extent of his donations to his church.”…

Cromartie said members of the mainstream media are most likely to try to make Romney’s religion a factor in the race, potentially as Election Day draws nearer.

“Closer to the convention, there may well be some people in the mainstream media who will want to do an hour special on the history of Mormonism,” he said. “If things were more comfortable in the country and with the economy, Romney’s critics might have the luxury to discuss what might be considered the oddities of the Mormon faith.”