Paterno fans: These NCAA penalties certainly are extreme

Perhaps most painful to the Paterno family and his fans was the removal of 14 seasons of football victories, covering 1998-2011, which cost Paterno the record as winningest coach in Division 1 history.

“In our minds and hearts, those victories are still there and they still count, which is what makes him a great coach,” said Penn State graduate Ujas Patel, who heads the university’s alumni association chapter in London…

“We expected large sanctions but this is overkill,” said Daniel Byrd, president of the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter of the PSU Alumni Association, in a e-mail to CNN.

Byrd praised some of the penalties, such as $60 million the university will give to groups helping victims of child sex abuse, but he argued that the cut in football scholarships and four-year ban from bowl games “benefit nobody.”