Putting down some to lift up others

In fact, if there is one group that treasures good government – that is, a government dedicated to creating a level playing field with fiscal balance and stability – it is risk-taking entrepreneurs.

If you want to lump people into stereotypes (like the president so often does), a fairer observation would be to say that it is those citizens who have zero personal stake in our government and economic system who tend to be disconnected from the country in an unhealthy way. Paying no income taxes and using government programs like a lifestyle instead of a lifeline produces generations cheated of the opportunity of tasting the fruit of the American experiment. …

We need to break the cycle of ignorance about America’s economy, and we will never do it if we continue to treat those with less as a political constituency that can be held together only by tearing down the achievements of others. It’s a perverted spin on the American experience.