Obama's South Side Chicago thuggery

So he did what gangsters from the South Side of Chicago have always done. He dispatched one of his bloodthirsty capos to handle his dirty work. Then he strolls up onto the scene all clean and innocent-looking in his fancy, pressed duds and shiny spats and plays the wise guy.

This time it was Stephanie Cutter cornering Mitt Romney in the dark alley, which is apparently the only place these people can operate nowadays. She said Mr. Romney was either “lying” about when he left the helm of Bain Capital or he had committed “a felony” when he was still named on SEC documents in the years after his departure. …

By the time Mr. Obama arrived on the scene, all he had to do was say that Mr. Romney must answer questions about his time at Bain, which is code for endorsing his campaign’s calumny that Romney is a felon. And yet, not a drop of blood spatter hits him.