Romney needs Christie to fight "the Chicago way"

Mitt Romney is getting a taste of the Chicago Way. It remains to be seen just how effective these attacks have been, though some, like Joe Klein, believe the presumptive GOP nominee has been crippled by them, while RCP political analyst Sean Trende — and others — point out that despite the onslaught the race remains as close as it’s ever been. Still, it’s become clear that Obama and his team are willing to do or say whatever is necessary to try and make this election a choice between the two men and not a referendum on the president’s first term in office. …

The conventional wisdom is that Christie is too aggressive and too much of a loose cannon to be Romney’s running mate. A video of Christie challenging a random heckler at the Jersey Shore went viral last week and is already becoming a classic on YouTube.

The scene was largely viewed within political circles as a prime example of why Christie would make a problematic running mate. But after getting knocked around himself for the last two weeks, Romney might be inclined toward a more favorable view of Christie’s combativeness.