Democrats revive the "Romney may have committed a felony" attack

Democrats reupped their main point of attack against Mitt Romney today, suggesting once again that the Republican candidate might have committed a felony as the GOP camp refused to play ball. …

“Either Mitt Romney was lying on SEC forms and misrepresenting to his investors — which could be a felony — that he was the sole owner, president, CEO of Bain Capital from 1999 until almost the end of 2001, or he wasn’t and represented that he was,” Wasserman Schultz said. “It can’t be both. And so if he was sole owner, president, CEO, then he is to be held accountable for the decisions that were made for the outsourcing of jobs that took place during that time.”

The Democratic-aligned Huffington Post also reloaded the Bain gun by publishing a new document that shows Romney was listed as a managing member of Bain in late 2002.

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