Romney's critics take the bait

It is true that Romney was booed at the mention of Obamacare and his intention to repeal the Affordable Care Act, as one of several programs that he says are too costly in these dear economic times. Was Romney surprised at the response? Of course not. The vast majority of African Americans support the nation’s first African American president, and most are favorably inclined toward his signature health care act.

While grudgingly giving Romney credit for showing up, commentators and politicos on the left have joined the birthers in being just plain weird. The narrative du jour is that Romney purposely used the term Obamacare to ensure that he was booed in order to . . . incite his racist white base. …

Is anyone tethered to Earth anymore? Romney said he would repeal Obamacare because he always says this. What would the word-parsers have said if he had adjusted his message to be more palatable to a crowd from which no one expected more than basic civility? They would have said he was a deceiver, a shape-shifter, a manipulator and a dishonest broker.

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