The worst pitcher ever: Tim Lincecum?

If the season ended today, Lincecum (above)—a two-time Cy Young Award winner—would have the worst adjusted ERA, 55, of any pitcher who has thrown at least 95 innings in a season since at least 1901. Adjusted ERA (also known as ERA+) alters a pitcher’s ERA based on his home ballpark and the average ERA of his league. …

Pitchers rarely compile adjusted ERAs as bad as Lincecum’s because they are usually benched or demoted before they throw many innings (and do more damage). The idea of this happening to the 28-year-old Lincecum, one of three active multiple Cy Young winners, would have been inconceivable just three months ago. Lincecum’s first start of the second half is Saturday against the Houston Astros.

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