Confirmed: Roseanne Barr on short list for Green Party's VP

“She’s one of the people who was on the short­list,” Stein’s campaign manager, Ben Manski, told us.

Barr, after all, came in second to Stein in the delegate count, despite entering the race relatively late in February and mounting a somewhat quixotic campaign (she recently tried to recruit Willie Nelson as her running mate via Twitter). A distant second — 84 compared to Stein’s 205 — but second nonetheless. And on Saturday, she’s scheduled to speak at the convention just before Stein, a Massachusetts physician.

Manski said Barr has not been a distraction from the serious business of campaigning. “It’s a sign of the maturity of the Green Party that we have attracted somebody as well known as Roseanne Barr and as admired for her acting career and activism.”