Why Team Romney hasn't responded to the Bain attacks

3. Over 75% of the advertising the Obama campaign has run has been negative, anti-Romney ads, with at least 14 separate negative ads run against Mitt Romney.
According to New York-based Kantar Media’s CMAG, which monitors campaign advertising, of the 68,443 ads that Obama has run on TV (local broadcast, national network & national cable) in the 30-day period ended July 2, 76% of the total (52,016) had an “anti-Romney message.” (SOURCE: http://go.bloomberg.com/political-capital/2012-07-06/10-million-checks-131000-ads-this-aint-your-kinkos-campaign/)

4. Yet, despite all of the negative advertising from the Obama campaign, polling numbers are exactly where they were before they started this onslaught.
The April 11 Pollster.com average ballot had Obama at 46.9% and Romney at 44.2%. The July 5 Pollster.com average ballot is unchanged: Obama at 47.1% and Romney at 44.6%.

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