"From Boehner's perspective — there's a lot of comfort there, and he feels good about [Romney]"

The two men have not appeared many times in public, but sources say they and their staffs are in constant contact…

A GOP lawmaker in Boehner’s inner circle, who requested anonymity to speak freely, said, “I think their styles and personalities are a lot alike … not their habits,” the lawmaker said, adding of Romney, “he’s a lot easier to talk to than he comes across.”

Former National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) observed that the Boehner-Romney dynamic would work well should Republicans retain the House and Romney win the White House.

“The only place they probably disagree is smoking, but other than that I think they view the world in very similar ways. They certainly have worked well together since Romney’s emerged as the nominee, and I think they would work very well together as president and Speaker,” Cole told The Hill.

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