"At the Olympic Village, they call it ‘Days of Glory'"

Lodwick and the female Olympian say that there’s a divide among athletes at the Villages: Those who are the elite of the elite, who train with a singular focus and abstain from drugs, sex and booze until their events are over, and those who do not.

“At the Olympic Village, they call it ‘Days of Glory,’ ” says the female athlete. These are the post-competition attempts to fill each remaining day at the Village with as much alcohol-drenched sex as possible…

As for the sex, “The Secret Olympian” writes, “No matter what your type, the Olympic Village can cater [to] it, providing the best physical examples on earth . . . Having completed competition, the athletes need to do something else to burn off their boundless energy. Like thoroughbred horses which haven’t had a run for a while, they get frisky.”

And given that the Village is its own private, high-security city-state walled off from the real world, “no one need know about your indiscretions.”

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